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Alternative Spanish Elopement

October 24, 2019 , Elopements

It’s all in the name. If these two are guilty of one thing, then it’s for bringing pure 🔥.

These two are synonymous throughout social media for being the coolest, most alternative couple to grace the news feeds of millions of Instagram addicts and wedding enthusiasts. Think you’ve seen them before? You probably have… Not to confuse Joe’s striking resemblance to Jason Momoa!

Nestled into the heart of the The Spanish Mountains. We drove for what felt like an age, only to finally arrive at the stunning venue which was aptly named ‘This Must be The Place’.

Kenzie and Joe brought the alternative rockstar like gravitas and Spain lent us the well worn antiquity of the Spanish countryside. Together we have pure style…

Simple. Easy. Photography.

Anyone fancy a Spanish Elopement?