UK, & International

• Are you insured?

Yes I am covered: Professional indemnity (£100,000) Public liability (£1,000,000)

• How would you describe your style?

In regards to weddings, I shoot creative documentary, meaning that I only get involved or take control for a few formal photos and only if you want them. Aside from that I am completely unobtrusive.

Concerning other work I'd describe my work as editorial in flair but natural in representation.

• Can we print our photos?

YESSS! Thats what you’ve paid for! I don’t charge additional royalties or any of that nonsense. They’re yours to use as you see fit!

• Do you take formal group photos?

Yes, and I do this quickly and efficiently as possible, leaving you as much time to enjoy your day as possible. I do try to encourage keeping these down to as few as possible. And actually the larger the group the better. A photo of all the guests is always one of the best ways to keep a record of who was there.

• We don’t like having our picture taken, can you help?

The awkwardness!… The cold sweats and nervous laughs whilst waiting for the photographer to just press the blasted button! First, let me say I completely understand, I feel completely the same. I hate awkward pressured photos, which is why I only ever shoot what feels and comes naturally. Candid moments full of real emotion and nothing overly staged…My promise to you is that any photos will feel easy, natural and fun. We’ll have a laugh.

• When will we receive our photos?

A maximum of four-six weeks after the wedding. Although it's in both our interest for me to finish editing them as soon as I possibly can. Naturally I hasten to add; always maintaining quality of work.

• Do you charge for travel?

If you are hosting the wedding within a 50 mile radius of my office, then no, not a penny! Further afield than that, I simply charge by the mile.

• What if you’re unwell on the day??

As of yet I haven’t missed a wedding to date however should the worst happen, I have a network of top class photographers I can call on to ensure your day is covered without issue.

• Do you shoot destination weddings?

Absolutely! I love destination weddings. So much so, that the only additional costs on top of the standard packages are accommodation and travel expenses.

• Do you require a meal at the reception?

The short of it… YES PLEASE! A days worth of shooting photos, runining around never missing a shot can be seriously tiring work. Thus more food = more energy! Think of my as a photographic vending machine. Feed me and increase the chances of even better photos.

• We want to share our photos on social media, is this okay?

Of course! Share away, the only thing I would ask is that when sharing on social media, they are credited with 'Westlake Photography' and a link to this website, or my relevant social media channel. Thanks!

• What gear do you shoot with?

I Shoot with a professional level DSLR Camera (Canon 5D Mark III) and a compact mirrorless system (Sony A7 III). I also carry a small collection of lenses.

• We would love for you to book you, how do we go about doing that?

All over this website there should be links to get in contact. Simply drop me a message and I’ll lead you from there.