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Born and raised in Somerset, England. I have always had a love affair with the romantic things of life, whether that be the writing on the page, the wind in trees, the singing of birds or the deer dancing in the back field...

Ahead of writing this I asked my wife if she were to describe me in a couple words what would she say: passionate, determined, a dreamer and someone with has very romanticised view of life. Naturally I cut out all the expletives and focused on the words that suited what I wanted to convey. So here's the thing, I'd like to think I'm a relatively down to earth individual, who's relaxed, engaging and generally interested in exploring the things of life.

I love photography, in particular when I'm able to capture something that isn't conventional, something that engages the subject and ultimately speaks for itself. Life is an adventure so why not live it, I relish the opportunity to explore something outside the four walls of my office. I love the outdoors and I much prefer shooting there. I'm a natural light photographer, thoroughly invested in capturing photos which are an accurate representation of the subject; not an overly photoshopped, smooth skinned, blue eyed, blond haired version of yourself... That said I always aim to capture the natural, the beauty and the culture. If I could be accused of anything then its for being nostalgic, and remembering things with rose coloured spectacles.

When it comes to weddings, I am interested in the details about your wedding, your ceremony & reception venues, your vision, your dress, your colours and anything else you would like to share with me.

Recently married myself (see right) I have as good an idea as any of what you're probably looking for. Someone that captures your day in all it's brilliance, the small details, the big moments, the natural shots of friends and family laughing, and tears, the private romantic moments, the lot. But ultimately you just want someone to be there and and to capture the memories.

Marriage is great, the best thing by far that's ever happened to me, not only the day, but what follows after that. For so many this comes close to the biggest day of their life, and that's no light undertaking, that's why I'm committed to doing my utmost on the day. I'll be the proverbial 'peeping tom' with my camera constantly watching and running to capture everything & everyone.

If you're the sort to scale the cliff, or jump in the sea, in your wedding dress, then we're gonna getting on like a house on fire.

P.S. My wife has said I shouldn't use the term 'peeping tom'. Personally I find it funny, if you don't I'm probably not the photographer for you. but let me hastily add... I don't derive weird forms of pleasure from taking photos.